Learn what you love take actions and see the change’s in your life.

Shezad Ali Khan
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People say love what you do but is say do what you love its as simple as i say it just take right actions and things will work out in end

the thing that i learn from my experience is that you can start at any age to do things that you love first start it as a hobby that take one step at a time to grow your dreams

Along with my freelancing digital agency, I thought to provide a real-world digital marketing knowledge to the enthusiast about learning Digital Marketing, by giving training on different digital marketing domains, where I share my knowledge, experience and live projects with my students. I believe in teaching real scenarios with real examples so that the concept is understood. I have trained more than 1000 students and I am happy to say that they are now hired in a reputed company.

If you need help as a mentor i am here.

Free Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing trainer in Mumbai

Shezad Ali Khan Has Trained More Than 1000+ Students

Started my career late in digital marketing with no past
experience in IT or computers was working in malls selling watches and

Now i have 2 success full ventures Ahead Tech Solutions and TechnoServe Solutions working smart is all you have to do

Free Digital Marketing Courses